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Home gallery. Our collection of modern wall art features original prints by artists made exclusively for CB2. These limited edition wall prints include pieces ranging from colorful and abstract to monochrome and typographical. You can also incorporate some three-dimensional art with a hanging sculpture. Find the unique pieces you need for living rooms, bedrooms and more.


biospheres printNewbiospheres print$179.00free shipping eligible
blue ridged printNewblue ridged print$179.00free shipping eligible
water wall paintingNewwater wall painting$249.00free shipping eligible
ocean storm canvas paintingNewocean storm canvas painting$199.00free shipping eligible
spikes 1 cactus printNewspikes 1 cactus print$249.00free shipping eligible
i've got it all togetherNewi've got it all together$299.00free shipping eligible
shape up collagesNewshape up collages$129.00 eachfree shipping eligible
3-piece shape up collage setNew3-piece shape up collage setSet Savings $349.00open stock $387.00free shipping eligible
untitled abstract printNewuntitled abstract print$179.00free shipping eligible
dreaming in blue & white printNewdreaming in blue & white print$79.95free shipping eligible
the layers of summer printNewthe layers of summer print$79.95free shipping eligible
2-piece pink stripes painting setNew2-piece pink stripes painting set$299.00free shipping eligible
flower study printNewflower study print$89.95free shipping eligible
playful visionary printplayful visionary print$89.99reg. $169.00free shipping eligible
acrylic tripod easelacrylic tripod easel$199.00free shipping eligible
crop circle mobilecrop circle mobile$19.95free shipping eligible
hanging 21 orbs strandhanging 21 orbs strand$59.95free shipping eligible
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