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Stash your stuff in style with modern storage options from CB2. Made for urban living, our bookcases, mini bars, shelving units and media consoles have a space for every item. Stow extra throw blankets, mystery remotes, magazines and other living room clutter in storage coffee tables or ottomans. Maximize space for vases, photo frames, statuettes and other decor without the additional floor footprint by adding wall shelving to a bare hallway or to the entryway.
porte credenza porte credenza
limited time $524.00 reg. $749.00
mercer credenza mercer credenza
limited time $594.00 reg. $699.00
fuel navy credenza fuel navy credenza
limited time $423.00 reg. $499.00
fuel white credenza fuel white credenza
limited time $423.00 reg. $499.00
recluse desk recluse desk
$349.00 reg. $449.00
mesh bookcase mesh bookcase
$249.00 reg. $299.00
coterie kitchen cart coterie kitchen cart
limited time $559.00 reg. $699.00
Arabella Bar Cart New Arabella Bar Cart
limited time $339.00 reg. $399.00
ernest chrome bar cart ernest chrome bar cart
limited time $159.00 reg. $199.00
cavalier bar cart cavalier bar cart
limited time $419.00 reg. $599.00
swig white mini bar swig white mini bar
limited time $358.00 reg. $449.00
Vivienne Rattan Black Wine Bar New Vivienne Rattan Black Wine Bar
limited time $419.00 reg. $599.00
escale cooler cart escale cooler cart
$499.00 reg. $549.00
Mateo Bench New Mateo Bench
limited time $639.00 reg. $799.00
suitcases suitcases
$99.95 - $119.00
public white 42" high dining table public white 42" high dining table
limited time $381.00 reg. $449.00
marble wall hooks marble wall hooks
$7.99 - $19.99 reg. $11.95 - $29.95
Smith Wall Shelves New Smith Wall Shelves
$129.00 - $179.00
yuzo baskets yuzo baskets
$34.99 - $54.95
beso baskets beso baskets
$29.95 - $39.95
liquid baskets liquid baskets
$59.95 - $129.00
conway baskets conway baskets
$79.95 - $129.00
armor baskets armor baskets
$34.99 - $59.95
heavy metal baskets heavy metal baskets
$49.95 - $79.95
dome gold storage dome gold storage
$19.95 - $29.95
U Pouches New U Pouches
$27.95 - $47.95
fault hamper fault hamper
$99.99 reg. $149.00
Amp Knobs
Selected Color: black
New Amp Knobs
$5.95 each
amp handles amp handles
$14.95 each
circle knobs circle knobs
$4.95 each
eva knobs
Selected Color: brass
eva knobs
$5.95 each
capiz dark knob
Selected Color: dark
capiz dark knob
capiz light knob
Selected Color: light
capiz light knob
hex silver handles
Selected Color: silver
hex silver handles
$10.95 - $16.95
hex copper handles
Selected Color: copper
hex copper handles
$10.95 - $16.95
marble handles
Selected Color: black
marble handles
$12.95 each
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