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mmm, have you tried the mdf? State of the art technology and new modern adhesives have brought unprecedented strength and new expression to veneer. In fact, today's veneered pieces can often be stronger and more durable than that of solid wood. By incorporating substrate materials such as hardwood plywood and MDF (Multi-Density Fiberboard), to which veneer or other finishes are then applied, there is less twisting or warping than may be experienced with some solid wood construction.

eco-friendly all around. Not only does the art of veneer allow us to responsibly save trees by using woods and more special grains with restraint, it allows you to bring them into your home at a price which might be prohibitive if made from a solid piece of wood.

the big finish. Our finishes not only bring out the natural appeal of wood, they protect and preserve your furniture from life's daily spills, moisture, heat and light.

The wood finishes we primarily use are:

stains: to bring out or alter the color of the wood.

bleaching: to lighten the color of the wood.

paint and washes: to more dramatically change the color and appearance of wood.

Topcoat finishes are then applied to protect the surface and enhance visual effect. Depending on the piece, final finishes we might use include:

lacquer: a heat-resistant, usually clear, hard, durable finish.

varnish/enamel: clear or with pigment, a hard, durable, waterproof finish.

polyurethene: a clear coating that resists abrasion and wear.

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