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not so precious metals. At CB2, we feature hardworking, contemporary metal furnishings with a heart of steel. In fact, most often low-carbon steel (a mixture of carbon and iron) that's hand forged, welded, or cast.

metallic bond. We have an urban affinity for zinc tables, brushed aluminum barstools, hand welded stainless steel tables topped with glass or wood, metal sheeting coffee tables, aluminum seating, perforated metal beds on casters.

pedal to the metal. In the end, it's all about durability, getting to the finish line. Our finishes do double duty, both enhancing aesthetics and protecting metal surfaces from unwanted oxidation. Depending on the look and style of the piece, we may apply the following finishes:

paint. Sprayed and/or applied by hand for color and decorative effect.

polyurethane. Hand-brushed or sprayed application to seal and protect the look of natural metal or to serve as a protective topcoat for more delicate finishes.

oxidation. Induced either by chemicals or natural exposure for the look of naturally aged metal. Upon reaching the desired effect and color, the metal is then cleaned and sealed to prevent further change.

electrostatic powder coat. An extremely durable baked on coating of paint powder. By giving the metal and the paint powder opposite electric charges, the powder adheres to the metal evenly and completely. The powder-coated metal is then baked at temperatures exceeding 500 degrees to fuse the paint to the metal. The result is smooth, even, durable.

Important: While finishes are your best defense against rusting, it's important to remember that whenever the surface of a finish is scratched through or penetrated, the metal is exposed to oxidation. Never use harsh chemical cleaning agents that may scratch the surface. To protect outdoor furniture, a light application of a natural paste wax or automotive wax is recommended.

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