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How do I find a specific item?

How do I locate a specific catalog item?

How do I place an Order?

What products are available online?

Is the information I give you secure?

Can you tell me the availability of a specific item?

Are all CB2 products available in stores?

What Gift Options are available?

How do I send items to multiple addresses?

What browser do I need to shop?

What will you do to make sure I'm satisfied with my purchase?

Do you charge taxes?

What is your return policy?

How do I pay for my Purchase?

Can I purchase items for delivery outside of the U.S.?

What are Cookies and how do I enable them?

How do I know if my items will be assembled?

If I pick up my items in store, will they be assembled?

Can I get my items assembled for an additional charge?

Where can I find assembly instructions?

Can I return something that has been assembled in my home by Crate and Barrel or CB2?

Do I have to disassemble the product for the return?

What do I do if I purchase an item requiring assembly that is missing parts?

What is the Crate and Barrel Credit Card?

How can I apply for the Credit Card?

What are the benefits of the Credit Card?

What is the Crate & Barrel Rewards Program?

What if I have questions about my credit card or my rewards issuance?

How do I redeem my Crate & Barrel rewards certificate?

How will Crate & Barrel communicate with me?

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