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Give your space a whole new look and feel with pillows and throws from CB2. Featuring a wide selection of colors, textures and designs, our pillows are an easy, affordable way to bring your sofa or bed to life. Accent furniture with one pillow style for a simple design, or get creative by mixing and matching to fashion a look all your own. Then layer on the comfort with throw blankets made from luxurious materials, including cotton, wool and sheepskin.


mohair pink 18" pillowNewmohair pink 18" pillow$119.00 eachships free
mohair grey 18" pillowNewmohair grey 18" pillow$119.00 eachships free
mohair black 18" pillowNewmohair black 18" pillow$119.00 eachships free
faux fur cheetah 16" pillowNewfaux fur cheetah 16" pillow$29.95 eachships free
mongolian sheepskin navy 16" pillowNewmongolian sheepskin navy 16" pillow$89.95 eachships free
segment 23" pillowNewsegment 23" pillow$59.95 eachships free
mirror image 23"x11"pillowNewmirror image 23"x11"pillow$29.95 eachships free
forma 36"x16" pillowNewforma 36"x16" pillow$44.95 eachships free
jersey interknit grey 18"x12" pillowNewjersey interknit grey 18"x12" pillow$54.95 eachships free
jersey interknit navy 18"x12" pillowNewjersey interknit navy 18"x12" pillow$54.95 eachships free
division grey striped 20" pillowNewdivision grey striped 20" pillow$39.95 eachships free
diamond weave dark grey 18" pillowNewdiamond weave dark grey 18" pillow$34.95 eachships free
cusco 16" pillowNewcusco 16" pillow$49.95 eachships free
cosmo 18"x12" pillowNewcosmo 18"x12" pillow$39.95 eachships free
bias 23" pillowNewbias 23" pillow$59.95 eachships free
toodle grey 18"x12" pillowNewtoodle grey 18"x12" pillow$49.95 eachships free
quadro quilted grey 18" pillowNewquadro quilted grey 18" pillow$39.95 eachships free
quadro quilted navy 18" pillowNewquadro quilted navy 18" pillow$39.95 eachships free
quadro quilted natural 18" pillowNewquadro quilted natural 18" pillow$39.95 eachships free
network 18" pillowNewnetwork 18" pillow$29.95 eachships free
leisure copper 23" pillowNewleisure copper 23" pillow$39.95 eachships free
linon white 36"x16" pillowNewlinon white 36"x16" pillow$54.95 eachships free
linon dark grey 36"x16" pillowNewlinon dark grey 36"x16" pillow$54.95 eachships free
linon black 20" pillowNewlinon black 20" pillow$34.95 eachships free
triangle lattice 18"x12" pillowNewtriangle lattice 18"x12" pillow$19.95 eachships free
soiree natural 16" pillowsoiree natural 16" pillow$39.95 eachships free
mother amazon linen 23" pillowmother amazon linen 23" pillow$69.95 eachships free
izzy black leather 18" pillowizzy black leather 18" pillow$129.00 eachships free
izzy saddle leather 18" pillowizzy saddle leather 18" pillow$129.00 eachships free
izzy grey leather 18" pillowizzy grey leather 18" pillow$129.00 eachships free
black leather croco 16" pillowblack leather croco 16" pillow$79.95 eachships free
abele 18" pillowabele 18" pillow$79.95 eachships free
fini 20" pillowfini 20" pillow$39.95 eachships free
victor 18" pillowvictor 18" pillow$49.95 eachships free
celia leather fringe 16" pillowcelia leather fringe 16" pillow$89.95 eachships free
wool wrap 16" pillowwool wrap 16" pillow$59.95 eachships free
apani 18"x12" pillowapani 18"x12" pillow$34.95 eachships free
division rust 20" pillowdivision rust 20" pillow$39.95 eachships free
eclipse charcoal 20" pilloweclipse charcoal 20" pillow$39.95 eachships free
glitterati gold 23" pillowglitterati gold 23" pillow$39.95 eachships free
glitterati gold 18" pillowglitterati gold 18" pillow$34.95 eachships free
zbase 16" pillowzbase 16" pillow$39.95 eachships free
toodle 18"x12" pillowtoodle 18"x12" pillow$49.95 eachships free
reflect 20" pillowreflect 20" pillow$79.95 eachships free
dream 18" pillowdream 18" pillow$39.95 eachships free
pata 18"x12" pillowpata 18"x12" pillow$39.95 eachships free
glitterati silver 20" pillowglitterati silver 20" pillow$34.95 eachships free
diamond weave swoon 18" pillowdiamond weave swoon 18" pillow$34.95 eachships free
division navy 20" pillowdivision navy 20" pillow$39.95 eachships free
icelandic sheepskin 16" pillowicelandic sheepskin 16" pillow$139.00 eachships free
glitterati gold 36"x16" pillowglitterati gold 36"x16" pillow$44.95 eachships free
blaney 23"x11" pillowblaney 23"x11" pillow$39.95 eachships free
fade to grey 18"x12" pillowfade to grey 18"x12" pillow$29.95 eachships free
xbase 23" pillowxbase 23" pillow$49.95 eachships free
soiree black 16" pillowsoiree black 16" pillow$39.95 eachships free
izel 18" pillowizel 18" pillow$34.95 eachships free
prim 18" pillowprim 18" pillow$34.95 eachships free
vibe 18" pillowvibe 18" pillow$24.95 eachships free
tecca 18" pillowtecca 18" pillow$39.95 eachships free
linon white 20" pillowlinon white 20" pillow$34.95 eachships free
linon grey 20" pillowlinon grey 20" pillow$34.95 eachships free
linon navy 20" pillowlinon navy 20" pillow$34.95 eachships free
linon red-orange 20" pillowlinon red-orange 20" pillow$34.95 eachships free
linon dark grey 20" pillowlinon dark grey 20" pillow$34.95 eachships free
linon navy 18"x12" pillowlinon navy 18"x12" pillow$19.95 eachships free
linon red-orange 18"x12" pillowlinon red-orange 18"x12" pillow$19.95 eachships free
linon dark grey 18"x12" pillowlinon dark grey 18"x12" pillow$19.95 eachships free
matelasse white 20" pillowmatelasse white 20" pillow$39.95 eachships free
mali 20" pillowmali 20" pillow$39.95 eachships free
ryker leather 18" pillowryker leather 18" pillow$59.95 eachships free
crosby 20" pillowcrosby 20" pillow$39.95 eachships free
mac leather 16" pillowmac leather 16" pillow$89.95 eachships free
leisure navy 36"x16" pillowleisure navy 36"x16" pillow$49.95 eachships free
patzite 36"x16" pillowpatzite 36"x16" pillow$99.95 eachships free
jersey interknit green 20" pillowjersey interknit green 20" pillow$59.99 eachreg. $79.95 eachships free
gravel light grey 18" pillowgravel light grey 18" pillow$29.99 eachreg. $39.95 eachships free
mason quilted grey 18" pillowmason quilted grey 18" pillow$39.99 eachreg. $49.95 eachships free
mason quilted ombre 36"x16" pillowmason quilted ombre 36"x16" pillow$59.99 eachreg. $89.95 eachships free
leisure blush 23" pillowleisure blush 23" pillow$39.95 eachships free
leisure grey 23" pillowleisure grey 23" pillow$39.95 eachships free
leisure black 23" pillowleisure black 23" pillow$39.95 eachships free
leisure white 23" pillowleisure white 23" pillow$39.95 eachships free
leisure navy 23" pillowleisure navy 23" pillow$39.95 eachships free
telegraph 23"x11" pillowtelegraph 23"x11" pillow$39.95 eachships free
york 18"x12" pillowyork 18"x12" pillow$24.99 eachreg. $34.95 eachships free
rove 18"x12" pillowrove 18"x12" pillow$34.95 eachships free
nelio poufNewnelio pouf$89.95
profile poufNewprofile pouf$129.00
leather poufleather pouf$199.00
xbase poufxbase pouf$129.00
rainbow snake poufrainbow snake pouf$169.00reg. $199.00
kilim poufkilim pouf$279.00
white faux fur throw blanketNewwhite faux fur throw blanket$149.00ships free
mongolian sheepskin white throwNewmongolian sheepskin white throw$429.00ships free
motley throwNewmotley throw$59.95ships free
peacock linen throwpeacock linen throw$179.00ships free
mohair grey throwmohair grey throw$149.00ships free
overlook throwoverlook throw$129.00ships free
icelandic sheepskin throwicelandic sheepskin throw$249.00ships free
hive blue-green blankethive blue-green blanket$59.95 - $79.95ships free
hive graphite blankethive graphite blanket$59.95 - $79.95ships free
hive white blankethive white blanket$59.95 - $79.95ships free
faribault plaid blanketfaribault plaid blanket$189.00 - $219.00ships free
faribault plus blanketfaribault plus blanket$189.00 - $219.00ships free
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