Light it up. With modern table lamps, floor lamps, living room and bedroom lamps, you can accent your space stylishly – and shine a little light where you need it most.
museo table lampNewmuseo table lamp limited time $135.00reg. $159.00
shell table lampNewshell table lamp$129.00
lola table lampNewlola table lamp$349.00
cloche table lampcloche table lamplimited time $62.00reg. $69.95
carat table lampNewcarat table lamp$199.00
balance wood table lampbalance wood table lamp limited time $134.00reg. $199.00
jimei table lampjimei table lamp limited time $62.00reg. $129.00
gnome table lampgnome table lamp$79.99reg. $99.95
pillar task lamppillar task lamp limited time $89.00reg. $129.00
atomic aqua table lampatomic aqua table lamplimited time $109.00reg. $129.00
atomic matte black table lampatomic matte black table lamplimited time $109.00reg. $129.00
greyline table lampgreyline table lamp limited time $84.00reg. $99.95