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Serve stylishly. Lay out small bites and sandwiches on game day with clean, simple platters and modern snack-sized bowls, or elevate cocktail parties with glossy serving trays. Whether you're entertaining guests or just cooking a weeknight meal, turn dinner into a party with stylish serving pieces.


clarity bowlsNewclarity bowls$5.95 - $7.95
marcel bowlsNewmarcel bowls$8.95 each
pendant serving bowlsNewpendant serving bowls$8.95 - $19.95
decca bowlsNewdecca bowls$5.99 - $19.95
soleil wire bowlsNewsoleil wire bowls$29.95 - $49.95
facet serving bowlsfacet serving bowls$4.95 - $16.95
drop bowlsdrop bowls$14.95 each
straight up bowlsstraight up bowls$2.49 - $3.50
stipple bowlsstipple bowls$5.95 - $19.95
roundish mini bowlsroundish mini bowls$1.99 - $2.95
contact white bowls set of eightcontact white bowls set of eightSet Savings $52.95open stock $55.60
indigo wood bowlsindigo wood bowls$7.99 - $29.95
galaxy bowlsgalaxy bowls$5.95 - $14.95
edge serving bowledge serving bowl$10.99reg. $14.95
nut casenut case$7.95
4-piece intermix serving setNew4-piece intermix serving setSet Savings $31.95open stock $32.35
edge platteredge platter$10.99reg. $14.95
cuatro platterscuatro platters$2.50 - $16.95
cuatro small platters set of eightcuatro small platters set of eightSet Savings $17.95open stock $20.00
cuatro medium platters set of eightcuatro medium platters set of eightSet Savings $34.95open stock $39.60
cake pedestalcake pedestal$24.99reg. $29.95
essex serversNewessex servers$49.95 - $59.95
round robin teal serverround robin teal server$19.99reg. $39.95
marble cheese serversNewmarble cheese servers$14.95 each
hi-gloss square traysNewhi-gloss square trays$29.95 each
aluminum traysNewaluminum trays$39.95 - $49.95
enamel oval traysNewenamel oval trays$16.95 - $21.95
shiro rattan trayshiro rattan tray$34.99reg. $44.95
squealer and growlersquealer and growler$39.95 - $59.95
beer pitcherNewbeer pitcher$24.95
stud decanterNewstud decanter$39.95
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