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Create a stylish outdoor space. With colorful outdoor chairs and tables, understated seating and one-of-a-kind consoles, our collection of modern outdoor furniture offers everything you need for entertaining alfresco.


tropez black and white stripe sofaNewtropez black and white stripe sofalimited time $999.00reg. $1,129.00
tropez natural sofaNewtropez natural sofalimited time $949.00reg. $1,079.00
ixtapa loveseatNewixtapa loveseatlimited time $319.00reg. $349.00
elba sectionalNewelba sectionallimited time $1,477.00reg. $1,727.00
elba armless chairNewelba armless chairlimited time $499.00reg. $599.00
elba corner chairNewelba corner chairlimited time $629.00reg. $699.00
elba ottoman-coffee tableNewelba ottoman-coffee tablelimited time $349.00reg. $429.00
ebb outdoor sectionalebb outdoor sectionallimited time $877.00reg. $1,077.00
ebb armless chairebb armless chairlimited time $299.00reg. $379.00
ebb corner chairebb corner chairlimited time $399.00reg. $479.00
ebb ottomanebb ottomanlimited time $179.00reg. $219.00
casbah outdoor sectionalcasbah outdoor sectionallimited time $1,576.00reg. $1,796.00
casbah loveseatcasbah loveseatlimited time $599.00reg. $649.00
casbah armless chaircasbah armless chairlimited time $299.00reg. $349.00
casbah corner chaircasbah corner chairlimited time $379.00reg. $449.00
casbah coffee-side tablecasbah coffee-side tablelimited time $299.00reg. $349.00
filaki lounger with black and white stripe cushionNewfilaki lounger with black and white stripe...limited time $649.00reg. $719.00
filaki lounger with natural cushionNewfilaki lounger with natural cushionlimited time $629.00reg. $699.00
idle black outdoor chaise loungeNewidle black outdoor chaise loungelimited time $269.00reg. $299.00
idle green outdoor chaise loungeNewidle green outdoor chaise loungelimited time $269.00reg. $299.00
idle grey outdoor chaise loungeidle grey outdoor chaise loungelimited time $269.00reg. $299.00
yellow leaf hammockNewyellow leaf hammocklimited time $169.00reg. $229.00
yellow leaf hammock chairNewyellow leaf hammock chairlimited time $149.00reg. $199.00
pod hanging chair with cushionpod hanging chair with cushionlimited time $648.95reg. $758.95
pod hanging chairpod hanging chairlimited time $599.00reg. $699.00
pod hanging chair cushionpod hanging chair cushionlimited time $49.95reg. $59.95
matera dining tableNewmatera dining tablelimited time $399.00reg. $449.00
matera dining benchNewmatera dining benchlimited time $199.00reg. $229.00
artemis rectangular dining tableNewartemis rectangular dining tablelimited time $529.00reg. $599.00
artemis dining benchNewartemis dining benchlimited time $299.00reg. $379.00
artemis round dining tableNewartemis round dining tablelimited time $479.00reg. $599.00
artemis dining chairNewartemis dining chairlimited time $149.00reg. $199.00
watermark bistro tablewatermark bistro table limited time $189.00reg. $219.00
camilla dining-lounge chairNewcamilla dining-lounge chairlimited time $229.00reg. $279.00
sophia black dining chairsophia black dining chairlimited time $84.95reg. $99.95
sophia silver dining chairsophia silver dining chairlimited time $84.95reg. $99.95
rex green chairNewrex green chairlimited time $49.95reg. $69.95
rex grey chairrex grey chairlimited time $49.95reg. $69.95
gina armchairNewgina armchair limited time $99.95reg. $129.00
lucinda mint stacking chairNewlucinda mint stacking chairlimited time $69.95reg. $79.95
lucinda black stacking chairNewlucinda black stacking chairlimited time $69.95reg. $79.95
ixtapa lounge chairNewixtapa lounge chairlimited time $219.00reg. $249.00
acapulco lounge chairNewacapulco lounge chairlimited time $239.00reg. $269.00
valalta rocking chairNewvalalta rocking chairlimited time $349.00reg. $399.00
salento storage benchNewsalento storage benchlimited time $319.00reg. $419.00
tangier coffee tableNewtangier coffee tablelimited time $329.00reg. $399.00
tangier side tableNewtangier side tablelimited time $199.00reg. $249.00
wire coffee tableNewwire coffee tablelimited time $149.00reg. $199.00
wire side tableNewwire side tablelimited time $109.00reg. $149.00
bongo side tablesNewbongo side tableslimited time $179.00 - $279.00reg. $199.00 - $299.00
tulum side tableNewtulum side table limited time $179.00reg. $229.00
dolce vita outdoor bar cartNewdolce vita outdoor bar cartlimited time $279.00reg. $299.00
rolling coolerNewrolling cooler limited time $229.00reg. $269.00
shadow black and white stripe umbrellaNewshadow black and white stripe umbrellalimited time $299.00reg. $399.00
shadow black and white stripe umbrella shadeNewshadow black and white stripe umbrella shadelimited time $44.95reg. $59.95
shadow natural umbrellaNewshadow natural umbrellalimited time $299.00reg. $399.00
shadow natural umbrella shadeNewshadow natural umbrella shadelimited time $44.95reg. $59.95
eclipse black and white stripe umbrellaNeweclipse black and white stripe umbrellalimited time $549.00reg. $599.00
eclipse black and white stripe umbrella shadeNeweclipse black and white stripe umbrella...limited time $49.95reg. $59.95
eclipse natural umbrella shadeeclipse natural umbrella shadelimited time $49.95reg. $59.95
eclipse natural umbrellaeclipse natural umbrellalimited time $549.00reg. $599.00
sun shadesun shadelimited time $299.00reg. $379.00
sun shade replacementsun shade replacementlimited time $64.95reg. $69.95
elba-java armless chair coverelba-java armless chair coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
elba-java corner chair coverelba-java corner chair coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
elba-java ottoman-coffee table coverelba-java ottoman-coffee table coverlimited time $19.95reg. $24.95
ebb armless chair coverebb armless chair coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
ebb corner chair coverebb corner chair coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
ebb ottoman coverebb ottoman coverlimited time $19.95reg. $24.95
casbah loveseat covercasbah loveseat coverlimited time $34.95reg. $39.95
casbah armless chair covercasbah armless chair coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
casbah corner chair covercasbah corner chair coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
casbah coffee-side table covercasbah coffee-side table coverlimited time $14.95reg. $19.95
tropez sofa coverNewtropez sofa coverlimited time $49.95reg. $59.95
ixtapa loveseat coverNewixtapa loveseat coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
filaki lounger coverNewfilaki lounger coverlimited time $29.95reg. $34.95
idle outdoor chaise lounge coveridle outdoor chaise lounge coverlimited time $29.95reg. $39.95
acapulco lounge chair coveracapulco lounge chair coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
ixtapa lounge chair coverixtapa lounge chair coverlimited time $19.95reg. $24.95
tangier coffee table coverNewtangier coffee table coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
tangier side table coverNewtangier side table coverlimited time $19.95reg. $24.95
matera-dockside dining table covermatera-dockside dining table cover limited time $34.95reg. $39.95
artemis-apollo rectangular dining table coverartemis-apollo rectangular dining table...limited time $49.95reg. $59.95
artemis round dining table coverNewartemis round dining table coverlimited time $49.95reg. $59.95
artemis-apollo dining chair coverartemis-apollo dining chair coverlimited time $19.95reg. $24.95
camilla dining-lounge chair coverNewcamilla dining-lounge chair coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
valalta rocking chair coverNewvalalta rocking chair coverlimited time $29.95reg. $34.95
salento-bunker storage chest-bench coversalento-bunker storage chest-bench cover limited time $19.95reg. $24.95
dolce vita outdoor bar cart coverNewdolce vita outdoor bar cart coverlimited time $24.95reg. $29.95
303 ® fabric guardNew303 ® fabric guardlimited time $22.00reg. $25.00
303 ® protectantNew303 ® protectantlimited time $22.00reg. $25.00
303 ® multi-surface cleanerNew303 ® multi-surface cleanerlimited time $17.00reg. $19.00