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Take the party outside with outdoor entertaining pieces from CB2. Our alfresco dinnerware, serving trays and platters make the transition from kitchen to patio a breeze. Outdoor-friendly placemats and colorful napkins are easy-to-clean and allow you to showcase your style. And if drinking outside couldn't get any better, our stylish outdoor glassware features selections made from acrylic, BPA-free plastic and durable glass.


belay dinnerwarebelay dinnerware$5.95 - $10.95
facet acrylic barwarefacet acrylic barware$2.99 eachreg. $3.50 - $3.95
tai tall cocktail glasstai tall cocktail glass limited time $7.16reg. $8.95
marie coupe cocktail glassmarie coupe cocktail glass limited time $3.36reg. $3.95
metallic barwaremetallic barware$7.95 - $9.95
bravo barwarebravo barware$6.95 each
marta barwaremarta barware$1.50 - $2.50
marta light pink coolermarta light pink coolerlimited time $2.98reg. $3.50
marta smoke double old-fashioned glassmarta smoke double old-fashioned glasslimited time $2.51 - $2.98reg. $2.95 - $3.50
ceylon pitcherceylon pitcher limited time $24.00reg. $30.00
stainless steel shiny water pitcherstainless steel shiny water pitcher limited time $29.71reg. $34.95
beverage tubbeverage tub limited time $59.46reg. $69.95
beverage dispenserbeverage dispenser limited time $59.46reg. $69.95
squealer and growlersquealer and growler$39.95 - $59.95
stainless steel jiggerstainless steel jigger limited time $3.96reg. $4.95
merman bottle stoppermerman bottle stopper limited time $8.46reg. $9.95
cuatro platterscuatro platters$2.50 - $16.95
cuatro small platters set of eightcuatro small platters set of eightSet Savings $17.95open stock $20.00
cuatro medium platters set of eightcuatro medium platters set of eightSet Savings $34.95open stock $39.60
indigo wood bowlsindigo wood bowls$7.99 - $29.95
hi-gloss square traysNewhi-gloss square trays$23.96 - $29.95
hi-gloss small square pink trayhi-gloss small square pink traylimited time $14.96reg. $19.95
format clear square trayformat clear square traylimited time $33.96reg. $39.95
format clear rectangular trayformat clear rectangular traylimited time $42.46reg. $49.95
formosa white tray tableformosa white tray table limited time $50.96reg. $59.95
pebble placematNewpebble placemat$7.95ships free
square knot runnersquare knot runner$59.99reg. $99.95ships free
indigo block print runnerindigo block print runner$29.95ships free
poplin dusk napkinpoplin dusk napkin$3.95ships free
poplin dusk napkins set of eightpoplin dusk napkins set of eightSet Savings $29.95open stock $31.60ships free
poplin grey napkinpoplin grey napkin$3.95ships free
poplin grey napkins set of eightpoplin grey napkins set of eightSet Savings $29.95open stock $31.60ships free
poplin pink napkinpoplin pink napkin$3.95ships free
poplin pink napkins set of eightpoplin pink napkins set of eightSet Savings $29.95open stock $31.60ships free
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