Multi-functional style for every room. Whether you top them with a serving tray or use them as extra seating, our modern benches, plush poufs, industrial-inspired stools and upholstered modern ottomans offer the perfect solution for your space.
club ottomanSwatch images+28 moreNewclub ottoman$499.00 - $649.00
layne ottomanSwatch images+28 moreNewlayne ottoman$399.00 - $549.00
movie storage ottomanSwatch images+28 moreNewmovie storage ottoman$499.00 - $649.00
movie storage ottomanSwatch images+28 moremovie storage ottoman$499.00 - $649.00
parlour ottomanSwatch images+28 moreparlour ottoman$399.00 - $549.00
parlour ottomanSwatch images+28 moreparlour ottoman$399.00 - $549.00
java ottoman-coffee tableNewjava ottoman-coffee tablelimited time $349.00reg. $429.00
criss knit orange podNewcriss knit orange pod$199.00free shipping eligible
wool wrap poufNewwool wrap pouf$129.00free shipping eligible
square recycled rag poufNewsquare recycled rag pouf$99.95free shipping eligible
pony up cream poufpony up cream pouf$299.00free shipping eligible
lamu plaid pouflamu plaid pouf$119.00reg. $179.00free shipping eligible
jute poufjute pouf$79.95free shipping eligible
knitted yellow poufknitted yellow pouf$79.95free shipping eligible
jumbo knit shale poufjumbo knit shale pouf$179.00free shipping eligible
vane knitted poufvane knitted pouf$99.95reg. $129.00free shipping eligible
knitted graphite poufknitted graphite pouf$79.95free shipping eligible
knitted blood orange poufknitted blood orange pouf$79.95free shipping eligible
pony up red-orange poufpony up red-orange pouf$199.00reg. $299.00free shipping eligible
quad greige stoolSwatch images quad greige stool $99.99 reg. $129.00
blox benchNewblox bench$349.00
wrap benchwrap bench$399.00
bunker II storage chest-benchNewbunker II storage chest-benchlimited time $379.00reg. $429.00
ebb ottomanebb ottomanlimited time $164.00reg. $219.00
apollo dining benchNewapollo dining benchlimited time $329.00reg. $399.00
dockside II benchNewdockside II benchlimited time $189.00reg. $249.00