Sleek, chic, efficient and inspiring. Whether you have a dedicated home office or just a cozy nook for your desk, our modern office furniture and colorful office chairs make it easy to create a comfortable space for work and play.
runway deskNewrunway desk$399.00
chamber deskchamber desk$499.00
lecture desklecture desk$549.00
tesso desktesso desk$329.00
guapo deskguapo desk$499.00
framework bookcaseframework bookcaselimited time $594.00reg. $699.00
hancock white bookcasehancock white bookcase limited time $169.00reg. $199.00
3.14 white bookcase3.14 white bookcase limited time $424.00reg. $499.00
stairway white 72.5" wall mounted bookcaseNewstairway white 72.5" wall mounted bookcaselimited time $296.00reg. $349.00
stairway white 96" wall mounted bookcasestairway white 96" wall mounted bookcaselimited time $339.00reg. $399.00
stairway grey 96" wall mounted bookcasestairway grey 96" wall mounted bookcaselimited time $339.00reg. $399.00
tesso 84" wall mounted bookcasetesso 84" wall mounted bookcaselimited time $254.00reg. $299.00
array white bookcaseNewarray white bookcaselimited time $170.00reg. $189.00
array yellow bookcasearray yellow bookcaselimited time $170.00reg. $189.00
array silver bookcasearray silver bookcaselimited time $170.00reg. $189.00