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Upgrade your desk in both fashion and function with modern desk accessories. With chic desk caddies and file holders, chrome and gold magnetic clips, and unique office supplies, it's easy to stay on task and on trend.


Poppin ® navy organizers and mint this that trayPoppin ® navy organizers and mint this that...$2.49 - $5.99reg. $5.95 - $15.95
prisma catchallNewprisma catchall$14.95
tailor storage boxesNewtailor storage boxes$19.95 - $59.95
dome gold storageNewdome gold storage$19.95 - $29.95
cork globecork globe$129.00
copper phoneNewcopper phone$89.95
SAIC pebble amplifierSAIC pebble amplifier$39.99reg. $49.95
boombox amplifierboombox amplifier$0.99reg. $7.95
ax toolNewax tool$21.95
11-in-1 tool11-in-1 tool$9.99reg. $19.95
coloring bookNewcoloring book$24.95
cabins bookNewcabins book$69.95
color puzzleNewcolor puzzle$39.95
brain teasersNewbrain teasers$12.95
poker setNewpoker set$51.95
washi tapeNewwashi tape$3.50 each
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