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Vintage charm. Customize your light fixtures with light bulbs in retro-inspired and modern designs. Spiral and looped filaments give vintage-style Edison bulbs a modern upgrade, while frosted styles give off an old Hollywood vibe in exposed bulb lamps, pendants and sconces.


spiral filament 40W large light bulbNewspiral filament 40W large light bulb$19.95free shipping eligible
g25 gold tipped 60W light bulbg25 gold tipped 60W light bulb$8.95free shipping eligible
g25 gold tipped 40W light bulbg25 gold tipped 40W light bulb$8.95free shipping eligible
g25 silver tipped 40W light bulbg25 silver tipped 40W light bulb$5.95free shipping eligible
silver tipped 60W light bulbsilver tipped 60W light bulb$5.95free shipping eligible
g25 globe 60W light bulbg25 globe 60W light bulb$1.95free shipping eligible
g40 large globe 60W light bulbg40 large globe 60W light bulb$4.95free shipping eligible
vintage filament 60W bulbvintage filament 60W bulb$9.95free shipping eligible
spiral filament 40W light bulbspiral filament 40W light bulb$15.95free shipping eligible
tube filament 40W bulbtube filament 40W bulb$11.95free shipping eligible
cut glass halogen 40W light bulbcut glass halogen 40W light bulb$8.95free shipping eligible
candelabra 60W light bulbcandelabra 60W light bulb$1.25free shipping eligible
frosted candelabra 25W bulbfrosted candelabra 25W bulb$1.25free shipping eligible
frosted 40W light bulbfrosted 40W light bulb$1.95free shipping eligible
g19 frosted globe 40W light bulbg19 frosted globe 40W light bulb$2.50free shipping eligible
set of 2 cut glass string light bulbsset of 2 cut glass string light bulbs$4.95free shipping eligible
gu24 mini 13W light bulbgu24 mini 13W light bulb$5.95free shipping eligible
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