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Don't show up empty-handed. For the entertainer in your life, give a host or hostess gift that will keep the party going. Our specially curated gift ideas are perfect for housewarmings, cocktail parties, birthdays, game nights and any other reason to celebrate with the people you love.


clarity bowlsNewclarity bowls$5.95 - $7.95
cast iron fondue setNewcast iron fondue set limited time $42.46reg. $49.95
decca bowlsNewdecca bowls$5.99 - $19.95
oliver reindeer cookie appetizer plateNewoliver reindeer cookie appetizer platelimited time $2.36reg. $2.95
oliver coconut macaroon appetizer plateNewoliver coconut macaroon appetizer platelimited time $2.36reg. $2.95
aluminum traysNewaluminum trays$39.95 - $49.95
3-piece hat trick vase set3-piece hat trick vase set limited time $11.96reg. $14.95
ICE tongsICE tongs$4.95
cake pedestalcake pedestal$24.99reg. $29.95
essex serversNewessex servers$49.95 - $59.95
hi-gloss square traysNewhi-gloss square trays$29.95 each
poker setNewpoker set limited time $25.98reg. $51.95
gradient black and white puzzleNewgradient black and white puzzle limited time $15.96reg. $19.95
color puzzleNewcolor puzzle limited time $19.98reg. $39.95
miko bottle openerNewmiko bottle opener limited time $9.42reg. $14.95
beer pitcherNewbeer pitcherlimited time $12.48reg. $24.95
beer tumblerNewbeer tumblerlimited time $4.87reg. $6.95
cylinder champagne flutes set of eightcylinder champagne flutes set of eightSet Savings $13.95open stock $15.60
jig charcoal dipped leather coasters set of fourNewjig charcoal dipped leather coasters set of... limited time $25.17reg. $35.95
wayne teapotwayne teapotlimited time $19.96reg. $24.95
cantina glass mugs set of eightcantina glass mugs set of eightSet Savings $29.95open stock $31.60
ray the bear tea light candle holderray the bear tea light candle holderlimited time $7.77reg. $12.95
union playing cardsNewunion playing cards$7.99reg. $9.95
betty pink tea light candle holders set of sixNewbetty pink tea light candle holders set of...Set Savings $16.95open stock $17.70
pablo corkscrewNewpablo corkscrew$19.95
drop bowlsdrop bowls$14.95 each
stipple bowlsstipple bowls$5.95 - $19.95
plaid metal trayplaid metal tray$129.00reg. $169.00
3-piece range metal trivet set3-piece range metal trivet set limited time $12.71reg. $14.95
SAIC tea for oneSAIC tea for one limited time $13.97reg. $19.95
agate coasters set of fouragate coasters set of four limited time $42.46reg. $49.95
15-minute black and white hour glass15-minute black and white hour glasslimited time $6.36reg. $7.95
peacock hearts teapotNewpeacock hearts teapot limited time $15.96reg. $19.95
white teacup with rainbow snake saucerNewwhite teacup with rainbow snake saucer limited time $7.96reg. $9.95
stelton ® knivesstelton ® knives$54.95 - $109.00
walnut casewalnut case limited time $9.56reg. $11.95
nut casenut case$7.95
bolt white linen napkins set of fourNewbolt white linen napkins set of fourSet Savings $29.95open stock $31.80ships free
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