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Modern flatware for the contemporary home. Enhance your table setting with stainless steel flatware in unique finishes, including matte black, iridescent, champagne gold and shiny copper. You can also give your next wine and cheese party an upgrade with our sleek cheese knife sets.


rush gold serving spoonsNewrush gold serving spoons$12.95 eachships free
20-piece knight flatware setNew20-piece knight flatware set$89.95ships free
20-piece paige flatware setNew20-piece paige flatware set$49.95ships free
12-piece beta flatware setNew12-piece beta flatware setSet Savings $99.95open stock $107.80ships free
3-piece beta flatware setNew3-piece beta flatware set$26.95ships free
12-piece antoinette gold flatware setNew12-piece antoinette gold flatware setSet Savings $99.95open stock $107.80ships free
12-piece black nickel flatware set12-piece black nickel flatware set$39.99reg. $99.95ships free
3-piece black nickel flatware set3-piece black nickel flatware set$12.99reg. $26.95ships free
12-piece brushed silver flatware set12-piece brushed silver flatware setSet Savings $49.95open stock $59.80ships free
12-piece shiny copper flatware set12-piece shiny copper flatware setSet Savings $99.95open stock $107.80ships free
12-piece matte black flatware set12-piece matte black flatware setSet Savings $89.95open stock $99.80ships free
pattern 127 serving spoonsNewpattern 127 serving spoons$9.95 eachships free
pattern 451 serving spoonsNewpattern 451 serving spoons$7.95 eachships free
party knives set of sixparty knives set of six$14.95ships free
party forks set of sixparty forks set of six$9.95ships free
mini cocktail spreaders set of sixmini cocktail spreaders set of sixlimited time $7.16reg. $8.95
mini cocktail forks set of sixmini cocktail forks set of sixlimited time $7.16reg. $8.95
mini cocktail spoons set of sixmini cocktail spoons set of sixlimited time $7.16reg. $8.95
little boy and big boy cheese knivesNewlittle boy and big boy cheese kniveslimited time $7.96 - $11.96reg. $9.95 - $14.95
cheese knivescheese knives$4.99 eachreg. $6.95 each
3-piece cheese cutter set3-piece cheese cutter set limited time $11.96reg. $14.95
micro porcelain spoons set of threemicro porcelain spoons set of three limited time $1.56reg. $1.95
mini matte black spoonmini matte black spoon$5.95ships free
ceramic spoonceramic spoonlimited time $2.00reg. $2.50
ceramic spreaderceramic spreaderlimited time $2.00reg. $2.50
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