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Find limited edition prints and accessories available exclusively at CB2. In our Edition LMTD program, we curate one-time releases of contemporary signed artworks created just for CB2. Edition LMTD prints look great as focal pieces for the room or as part of a stylish gallery wall. Shop our selection of limited edition prints.


red printNewred print$129.00reg. $179.00
don't forget me printNewdon't forget me print$79.99reg. $149.00
taxis printNewtaxis print$149.00reg. $199.00
dot textureNewdot texture$149.00reg. $229.00
neighborhood prints set of twoNewneighborhood prints set of two$99.99reg. $199.00
gilded wood slice printNewgilded wood slice print$79.99reg. $99.95
from the sonata series printNewfrom the sonata series print$99.99reg. $149.00
confetti prints set of threeNewconfetti prints set of three$99.99reg. $149.00
donut let go printNewdonut let go print$49.99reg. $129.00
stripe series paintingNewstripe series painting$199.00reg. $299.00
lima nesting dollslima nesting dolls$29.99reg. $99.95
two plus grey 16" pillowtwo plus grey 16" pillow$59.99reg. $99.95ships free
crossbar quiltcrossbar quilt$249.00reg. $499.00ships free
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