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Gather stylishly. Whether you use your dining room every day or only on holidays, our modern dining tables make it easy to create a space that's chic and family-friendly. Explore our collection and find unique dining tables for the way you live.


peak dining tablepeak dining table limited time $336.00reg. $449.00
blox 35x63 dining tableblox 35x63 dining tablelimited time $449.00reg. $499.00
claremont tableclaremont tablelimited time $386.00reg. $429.00
public white 42" high dining tablepublic white 42" high dining table limited time $358.00reg. $399.00
palate marble 36" high counter tablepalate marble 36" high counter table limited time $381.00reg. $449.00
stern 37" high counter tablestern 37" high counter table limited time $449.00reg. $499.00
blox 35x91 dining tableblox 35x91 dining tablelimited time $899.00reg. $999.00
palate marble high dining tablepalate marble high dining table limited time $509.00reg. $599.00
revel extension dining tablerevel extension dining table limited time $1,039.00reg. $1,299.00
dial dining tabledial dining table limited time $509.00reg. $599.00
5-piece claremont dining set5-piece claremont dining setlimited time $822.00reg. $945.00
alias adjustable bistro tablealias adjustable bistro table limited time $466.00reg. $549.00
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