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Show your appreciation (and your sense of style) with a gift from CB2. Whether you're looking for a gift for that special guy or girl, a new homeowner, or the perennial party host, we have items we know they'll love. And if you don't know what to get, but know how much you want to spend, we have gifts categorized by price-point to make your choice easier. Shop our selection of gifts to find the perfect present for any occasion.


panorama vaseNewpanorama vase$69.95
aluminum traysNewaluminum trays$39.95 - $49.95
bird's eye sculptureNewbird's eye sculpture$14.99reg. $19.95
decca bowlsNewdecca bowls$7.95 - $19.95
wood grain jugNewwood grain jug$39.99reg. $49.95
clarity bowlsNewclarity bowls$5.95 - $7.95
3-piece capsule canister setNew3-piece capsule canister setSet Savings $99.95open stock $103.85
pablo corkscrewNewpablo corkscrew$19.95
hi-gloss square traysNewhi-gloss square trays$29.95 each
pocket mirrorNewpocket mirror$18.95
dome gold storageNewdome gold storage$19.95 - $29.95
squealer and growlersquealer and growler$39.95 - $59.95
ICE tongsICE tongs$4.95
drop bowlsdrop bowls$14.95 each
stipple bowlsstipple bowls$5.95 - $19.95
aluminum canistersaluminum canisters$14.95 - $39.95
spun silver serving bowlspun silver serving bowl$19.99reg. $24.95
grid cutting boardgrid cutting board$34.99reg. $74.95
column barwarecolumn barware$3.95 - $4.95
brushed gold kitchen utensils set of threebrushed gold kitchen utensils set of threeSet Savings $49.95open stock $53.85
aluminum storage cratealuminum storage crate$59.99reg. $99.95
suitcasessuitcases$79.95 - $109.00
quilted no. 101 throwquilted no. 101 throw$149.00reg. $279.00
gridlock basketsNewgridlock baskets$59.95 - $69.95
victor shave kitvictor shave kit$29.99reg. $54.95
xylo vasexylo vase$14.95
stelton ® knivesstelton ® knives$54.95 - $109.00
watson barwarewatson barware$3.50 - $3.95
drink rocks set of fourdrink rocks set of four$16.99reg. $34.95
whiskey noteswhiskey notes$7.99reg. $16.95
4-in-1 bar tool mallet4-in-1 bar tool mallet$9.99reg. $24.95
nut casenut case$7.95
herbivore bath saltsherbivore bath salts$9.99 - $17.95
dare 9" vanity mirrordare 9" vanity mirror$29.99reg. $39.95
usb lightning red cableusb lightning red cable$12.99reg. $25.95
cork globecork globe$129.00
11-in-1 tool11-in-1 tool$9.99reg. $19.95
boombox amplifierboombox amplifier$0.99reg. $7.95
max brass sculpturesmax brass sculptures$9.95 - $49.95
prisma picture framesNewprisma picture frames$14.95 - $24.95
reed diffusersreed diffusers$21.95 each
taurus coat hooktaurus coat hook$11.99reg. $14.95
house numbershouse numbers$9.95 each
glitterati gold 36"x16" pillowglitterati gold 36"x16" pillowlimited time $41.21 eachreg. $44.95 each
ai bud vasesai bud vases$10.95 each
tea tubetea tube$11.95
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