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Decorate your space for less with our home decor sale. Liven up your walls with discount art prints, wallpaper and curtains. Add lighting, indoors and out, with table lamps, candle holders and outdoor candle lanterns. For discount storage that helps you stay organized, browse our unique baskets and storage boxes. Find something stylish for any room on any budget.


from the sonata series printfrom the sonata series print$99.99reg. $149.00
confetti prints set of threeconfetti prints set of three$99.99reg. $149.00
stripe series paintingstripe series painting$199.00reg. $299.00
don't forget me printdon't forget me print$79.99reg. $149.00
gilded wood slice printgilded wood slice print$79.99reg. $99.95
dare 9" vanity mirrordare 9" vanity mirror$29.99reg. $39.95
starboard wall sconcestarboard wall sconce$129.00reg. $149.00
arizona table-floor lamparizona table-floor lamp$129.00reg. $159.00
artichoke table lampartichoke table lamp$129.00reg. $149.00
aurelia pendant lightaurelia pendant light$199.00reg. $229.00
fray pendant lightfray pendant light$99.99reg. $199.00
rosie smoke table lamprosie smoke table lamp$99.99reg. $149.00
bullet lamp string lightsbullet lamp string lights$19.99reg. $49.95
The Hill-Side tropical leaves linen throwThe Hill-Side tropical leaves linen throw$69.99reg. $149.00ships free
quilted no. 101 throwquilted no. 101 throw$149.00reg. $279.00ships free
keaton curtain panelkeaton curtain panel$49.99reg. $59.95ships free
calloway curtain panelcalloway curtain panel$24.99 - $49.99reg. $39.95 - $69.95ships free
brady blue-green curtain panelbrady blue-green curtain panel$44.99 - $69.99reg. $49.95 - $79.95ships free
burlap blue-green curtain panelburlap blue-green curtain panel$29.99 - $49.99reg. $39.95 - $59.95ships free
splatter sheer curtain panelsplatter sheer curtain panel$24.99 - $39.99reg. $49.95 - $69.95ships free
tie-dye pocket curtain paneltie-dye pocket curtain panel$24.99 - $34.99reg. $29.95 - $39.95ships free
haze vasehaze vase$39.99reg. $49.95
green artificial allium flower stemsgreen artificial allium flower stems$3.99 eachreg. $4.95 - $7.95
runway garden stakerunway garden stake$12.99reg. $17.95
marco lanternsmarco lanterns$16.99 - $19.99reg. $19.95 - $29.95
kaya hanging lanternkaya hanging lantern$9.99reg. $29.95
boardwalk wall sconceboardwalk wall sconce$29.99reg. $39.95
shiro rattan trayshiro rattan tray$34.99reg. $44.95
2-piece metal urchin set2-piece metal urchin set$44.99reg. $64.90
rolling cube sculpturerolling cube sculpture$14.99reg. $24.95
lima nesting dollslima nesting dolls$29.99reg. $99.95
spider coat rackspider coat rack$79.99reg. $99.95
SAIC coat hooksSAIC coat hooks$12.99 eachreg. $15.95 each
luna wine-stem rackluna wine-stem rack$59.99reg. $69.95
ledge shelvesledge shelves$19.99 - $49.99reg. $29.95 - $69.95
silver and copper basketssilver and copper baskets$6.99 - $12.99reg. $19.95 - $24.95
digit basketsdigit baskets$24.99 - $29.99reg. $59.95 - $69.95
aluminum storage cratealuminum storage crate$69.99reg. $99.95
knox boxknox box$24.99reg. $39.95
navy felt boxesnavy felt boxes$16.99 - $29.99reg. $19.95 - $49.95
Poppin ® navy organizers and mint this that trayPoppin ® navy organizers and mint this that...$2.49 - $5.99reg. $5.95 - $15.95
fish paper clip holderfish paper clip holder$9.99reg. $24.95
usb lightning white cableusb lightning white cable$12.99reg. $25.95
usb lightning red cableusb lightning red cable$12.99reg. $25.95
boombox amplifierboombox amplifier$0.99reg. $7.95
SAIC pebble amplifierSAIC pebble amplifier$39.99reg. $49.95
11-in-1 tool11-in-1 tool$9.99reg. $19.95
safety pin key ringsafety pin key ring$5.99reg. $7.50
two-tone ornamentstwo-tone ornaments$1.99 eachreg. $5.95 each
skyscraper ornamentskyscraper ornament$1.99reg. $5.95
pipe ornamentspipe ornaments$0.99 eachreg. $4.95 each
bent wood sledbent wood sled$69.99reg. $149.00
superhero nutcrackersuperhero nutcracker$14.99reg. $39.95
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